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A Veloz Family Tradition Home

:: Tacos Garcia’s Menu ::  3 large dining rooms with full bar and patio

Enjoy all of Jorge’s traditional meals, plus George and Mitsy’s New Mexican creations.

Taco Salad  large taco shell layered with lettuce, tomato,
Ground beef or shredded chicken, and topped with sour
Cream and cheese.  Also available without the beans or
The shell. Choice of dressings: cilantro-agave vinagreta,
Or tomatillo-serrano vinagreta.  6.29
Add guacamole  0.99
Fajita Taco Salad  our large taco shell filled with fresh
Lettuce, tomatoes, beef or chicken fajita, and topped
With sour cream and cheese.  8.29
Add guacamole  0.99

Enchiladas and Tacos  
Try any of these sauces on your enchilada: Traditional,
New Mexican Green,New Mexican Red, or Sour Cream sauces.   
Tres (3) Enchiladas
Your choice of beef, chicken, or cheese. Choose your
favorite sauce.  8.95  
Substitute specialty sauce  0.79  
Add an egg (1)  0.79  
With chile con queso on top  0.99  
La Villita
Two beef enchiladas served with beans and rice.  7.50  
Swiss Enchiladas
Three naked chicken enchiladas topped with Swiss
cheese and salsa Espanola. Served with rice, beans
and sour cream.  8.95
Comida Regular
One grilled beef taco, one traditional Beef enchilada, beans
and rice.  7.50
El Kiosco
Two traditional beef enchiladas, one beef taco, beans and
Rice.  9.50  
Mexican Plate
Two grilled beef tacos, two beef enchiladas with Traditional
Red sauce, beans and rice.  12.50   
T.G.'s Plate
Tacos filled with beef or chicken and grilled to a
perfect crisp, with beans and rice.   
2 Tacos with cheese  6.95  
3 Tacos with cheese  8.59  
3 Tacos no beans or rice  6.49  
Taquitos de Barbacoa
Three grilled tacos of barbacoa served with
Guacamole, cilantro, rice and beans.  8.79  
Bean and cheese  2.79  
Beef and cheese  3.29  
Combo  3.49  
Supreme  3.99  
Carne Guisada  4.29  
Asado  3.99  
Barbacoa  3.59
Lengua  3.89  
Fajita (chicken or beef)  4.99  
Add Guacamole  0.95  
Add chile con queso or NM Red on top  0.95  
Add a side of beans and rice  1.99  
Chimichanga Plate
A delicious deep fried flour tortilla filled with choice of bean,
beef, combo or chicken and tapped with chile con queso,
or any one of our enchilada toppings, and sided with beans
and rice.  6.95  
Make it a Primo Chimi
Choose 1L fajita with bell pepper and onion, carne quisada,
asado, barbacoa, carne con chile verde, lengua, roast beef.
Upcharge for extra fillings and additional toppings.  7.95  
Served all day, everyday! Comes with
onions, oregano, lemons and choice
of tortillas.   
Nino (8 oz.)  3.59  
Chico (15 oz.)  5.09  
Mas Grande (22 oz.)  7.29  
20 oz. To-Go  5.49  
30 oz. To-Go  7.49  
Tortilla Soup   
Homemade chicken broth infused with celery, onions,
tomatoes, red chile, and garlic. Filled with chicken fajita,
and tortilla strips, topped with Monterrey Jack chesse,
pico de gallo and fresh cilantro.   
Add a cup to any entree  3.29  
Regular  5.69  
Large  6.99

Soft Drinks  1.85 / ninos 0.99  
Coke, pepsi, diet coke, diet pepsi, dr. Pepper, sprite, mug root beer,
Diet dr. Pepper, tea, sweet tea, hot tea, horchata, lemonade,  Jarritos,
Bottled water, coffee, Strawberry Slushy  
Add Grenadine to anything   0.50

West Texas style fluffy fried pastries sprinkled with sugar and
Cinnamon and served with butter and honey.
Ice Cream Burrito
Creamy cinnamon ice cream, wrapped it in one of our tastey
Flour tortillas and deep fried. Topped with cinnamon and sugar.
Tres leches
Vanilla cake layered with strawberries and whipped topping, then
Smothered in three different milks to make a creamy, moist
Tacos Garcia’s Coctel De Cameron
Tacos Garcia’s Tortilla Soup
Kids Plates   
Mi Hijas, Divi Y Ivy
One taco, beans & rice
Mi Sobrino, Loren
One cheese enchilada  
Add beef or chicken  3.75
Add rice & beans
Mi Sobrino, Mateo
Plain cheese burger with fries  3.95  
Mexican Pizza  3.75   
Chicken Strips
with fries  4.75  
El Bebe, Sylvia
One cheese enchilada, beans and rice  3.75  
La Chiflada, Diana
Burrito smothered in chili con queso, choice of
bean, beef or combo
1 Burrito  3.50
2 Burrito
Nino menudo  3.79 (JavaScript: Print This Page)